Pay As You Go Dial Up Internet Access

Set your modem to dial:

0845 123 2045

Any Username & Password

Instant Dial Up Setup:

Instant Setup Download
(Win 95, 98 2000 & XP only)

To download the connection details, please click the link above. If you are asked to OPEN/RUN or SAVE the file, please select SAVE. If you do not get a choice then the file will be automatically saved on your computer (probably the desktop). If you need to search for it, the file is called Setup_Emergency_Internet.ins This will save the Emergency Internet connection settings to your desktop in the form of an icon. As soon as you wish to use Emergency Internet, double-click this icon and follow the simple process to connect. You'll still be able to use any of your other connections at any time. There is no obligation to use our connection.

Manual Dial Up Setup Guides:

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