Pay As You Go Dial Up Internet Access

Set your modem to dial:

0845 123 2045

Any Username & Password

Emergency Internet Instant Set Up

Configuring your dial up connection couldn't be easier. Just follow our easy dial up set up guides, or download our automatic set up file.

Connect Right Now

Use either our automatic dial up installation option or choose to manually setup your connection for instant internet access.

Download & Save

Our automatic set-up (Win 95, 98, 2000 & XP users only) option saves the Emergency Internet settings to your desktop.

Emergency Internet is great as a free 56k dial-up connection or as a back-up if your current internet provider lets you down!

Instant UK Dial-Up Setup

You'll still be able to use any of your other services and connections at any time with Emergency Internet plus you can use our Instant Setup to get started.

Click the button below if you'd like us to email you the Emergency Internet settings to access our free dial up internet connection.

The only UK Dial-Up Internet settings you'll ever need!

Set Computer to Dial:

0845 123 2045

Using the Username:


Using the Password:


You can make use of our Instant Dial Up Setup to safely install the Emergency Internet connection, or you can use the manual setup settings.

Manual UK Dial Up Setup

If you know how to setup a dial-up connection, just set your computer to dial 0845 123 2045 with any username and any password. Windows XP users can create a dial-up connection by clicking on 'Start' at the bottom left-hand side of their screen, then clicking 'Control Panel' and then double clicking the 'Network Connections' icon. From here just click the 'Create a new connection' at the top-left and follow the easy process.

Printable Emergency Internet Summary & Settings

You never know when you're going to need the Emergency Internet Dial Up settings so we have prepared a printable settings summary so you can keep a copy safe, just in case you need them. Simply click the button below to print a summary of the Emergency Internet site and the settings required to establish a connection.

Printable Settings
You never know when you might need them!