Pay As You Go Dial Up Internet Access

Set your modem to dial:

0845 123 2045

Any Username & Password

Welcome to Emergency Internet (The Best UK Dial Up ISP)...

Emergency Internet is an unlimited dial up internet service provider offering a fast, reliable 0845 dial up internet connection to modem and ISDN users. With no monthly fees or charges for your dial up access, all you pay are 0845 dial-up charges (the cheapest in the UK) that appear on your phone bill for dial up internet access. Connect Now for a fast dial up internet connection or Save Settings in case your ISP lets you down.

Instant UK Dial Up Internet

No monthly fees, just pay 0845 charges at 2p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge. No Sign-Up Needed!

Plug & Play USB dial-up Modem

No installation required.
Ultra Portable 56k Dial Up Modem.

Emergency Internet Rates: The UK's Cheapest Dial Up Internet Service

As well as being one of the last remaining UK Dial Up Internet Service Providers, we are also the cheapest!

Dial Up Usage Times Typical Call Pricing
Any time 2p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge.

Emergency Internet Free UK Dial Up Internet Access: Features

  • Cheap dial up internet / No Monthly charges
  • Pay only 0845 call charges
  • Free, fast dial up internet connection
  • Totally anonymous dial up internet access
  • Free UK-based customer help & support
  • No sign-up, no contract, no subscription
  • Connect first time, everytime!

The only UK Dial Up Internet settings you'll ever need!

Set Computer to Dial:

0845 123 2045

Using the Username:


Using the Password:


You can make use of our Instant Setup to safely install the Emergency Internet connection, or you can use the manual setup settings.


Printable Emergency Dial Up Internet Summary & Settings

You never know when you're going to need the Emergency Internet Dial Up settings so we have prepared a printable settings summary so you can keep a copy safe, just in case you need them. Simply click the button below to print a summary of the Emergency Internet site and the settings required to establish a connection.

Printable Settings
You never know when you might need them!

Why Everybody Needs Emergency Dial Up Internet

Away from home? On Holiday or at a friends? Emergency Internet (the best dial up ISP) offers an incredibly simple, instant and fool-proof temporary dial-up connection. If your ISP lets you down, Emergency Internet will provide an instant back-up connection to carry on your internet access. Emergency Internet allows anonymous web browsing as no personal details or sign-up are needed. For anyone that requires a fast, reliable dial up connection, anytime, anywhere!